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Palms & Soles Foundation Donation - Melanoma Cancer Education & Awareness (ALM)

Palms & Soles Foundation Donation - Melanoma Cancer Education & Awareness (ALM)

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As many of you know, my Mother just passed away from Cancer. She had ALM, which is a type of Melanoma that begins with a mole on the Palm of your hand or the Sole of your feet. (sometimes under your Finger or Toe nails as well) Hers started with a mole on the bottom of her foot, then spread to her brain. It is a very serious type of cancer and yet most people don't even know to look for Moles on the Palms and Soles for a Mole. After speaking with multiple Oncologists and Dermatologists, they agree that there needs to be more Education and awareness about this type of Cancer.

So, in memory of my Mom, my siblings and I are starting the PALMS & SOLES Foundation, a non-profit organization to help spread Education and Awareness of ALM. All of the breaks going forward, I will be giving a portion of the profits to PALMS & SOLES. You can also DONATE to the Organization Directly here. All direct Donors will receive our Non-Profit charity information for taxes, as soon as the filing process for Palms and Soles is complete.

Thank You very much and please check you and your loved ones Palms & Soles for Moles. If you see a Spot, See your Doc!