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ID:0609 - 2016 Leaf Greatest Hits Football 1 Box Break RANDOM LETTERS "2Fer" - 9 Total Spots

ID:0609 - 2016 Leaf Greatest Hits Football 1 Box Break RANDOM LETTERS "2Fer" - 9 Total Spots


  • $ 84.00

2016 Leaf GREATEST HITS Football - 1 Box Break RANDOM LETTER "2Fer" Break ($84 per spot) This is a 1st Letter of the players FIRST Name Break. Each spot will get you TWO RANDOM LETTERS - 9 total spots - 5 Combo Spots (Combined letter spots are: F/V/Y, H/I/U, E/O, L/Q/X & W/Z)

 2016 Leaf GREATEST HITS Football Box Break

  • 4 Buyback Cards
  • 1 Greatest Hits AUTO
  • 5 Total Cards

2016 Leaf Greatest Hits Football adds to the popular baseball and basketball buyback product line with a venture to the NFL. Each box contains four previously-released cards and one new Predictor card.

As with most repackaged products, there is no true base set in 2016 Leaf Greatest Hits Football. However, collectors can find a wide range of options beginning with graded vintage cards. Showcasing key graded rookies for some of the biggest names in league history, Dan Marino, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, Joe Montana, and "The Sheriff" himself, Peyton Manning, are all shown on the sell sheet with releases from their cardboard debut seasons.

Other possible discoveries for football fans include additional repurchased rookie cards along with various autographs and memorabilia cards.

Rounding out 2016 Leaf Greatest Hits Football, original Predictor cards are inserted in every box and feature 2016 NFL rookies. If the player noted on the card is the same player who wins Offensive Rookie of the Year, then you can redeem it for "a random piece of autographed football memorabilia." The prediction card choices include 2016 ROY favorites Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Jordan Howard.