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About Our Breaks

Our LIVE Group Breaks are an easy process. SIMPLY:

1) BUY a Spot in one of our breaks. (Buy the spots right here on our website or via eBay auction)

2) WATCH the Break Live or on YouTube. (Watch the break LIVE at or our YouTube channel)

3) RECEIVE your cards via USPS. (We ship out all cards that you may hit within 48 hours of the Break)

4) ENJOY any cards that you hit in the break. (Cards that you HIT, should be enjoyed)

5) REPEAT (Wasn't that fun?! Feel Free to come back again)  



1) WHO GETS THE CARD? We use the team name listed on the card. (not the uniform) In Divisional Breaks, after we decide the team, we then give the card to the owner of the Division that that team is Currently playing in. We use to decide who gets the card, if we have any question. If we can't fairly decide who gets the card, we will Random It. 

2) MULTIPLES! Cards that have multiple players or teams on it, will be given to the majority owner, if there is one. If nobody owns OVER 50% of the card, it will be Randomized. In case of a Big Hit with multiple initial owners, the owners can discuss a deal. Either one can buy out the other or We can sell it on eBay and the profit will be split equally between the parties.

3) RANDOM! All of our Breaks designated as RANDOM, as well as any Multi-Player cards that are to be randomized, will be done so using We will always roll Dice prior, to see how many times we will run the randomizer. In randomized Multi-Player card situations, the team, player or division, that is at the TOP (the #1 spot) at the end of randomizing 5 TIMES, will receive the card in question.

4) SHIPPING! We almost always ship the cards out within 2 business days of the break. We ship for FREE within the US via USPS. (Sorry, No International shipping at this time.) We ship first class in bubble mailers and insurance IS NOT included.

PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer to have your items sent via a USPS Priority Mail Box, include insurance, or add a hard magnetic case, please contact us for a quote for the additional payment needed. 




Live Group breaks help provide a group of collectors the opportunity to open (or “break”) boxes & cases by splitting the cost of the product & dividing up all of the cards by teams (e.g. Seahawks or Yankees) or divisions (e.g. NFC West or AL East). This is an excellent way to be involved in high-end or large breaks at a fraction of the cost. 


Unfortunately NO participant is guaranteed to receive a card when joining a Live Group Break. There is the chance that a group break will not yield any cards for a participant. There is also the chance that the participant will receive one (or multiple) cards.

By purchasing a spot in one of our Live Group Breaks, you are acknowledging that you understand that you may not receive a card or even a return of the full value of the purchase price of the spot(s). DUE TO THE NATURE OF LIVE GROUP BREAKS, WE DO NOT OFFER RETURNS OF ANY KIND. 


With all of this being said, Live Group Breaks are a Fun & Entertaining Experience, that offers Sports Card Collectors the opportunity to get in on the Action! FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS THAT YOU MAY HAVE. WE ARE HERE TO MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE A GREAT ONE!!  :)

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